About - Daniel & Starr
Skogafoss Iceland

          Hello! We are Daniel and Starr, the Photo Trekkers! We are professional freelance photographers specialising in wildlife, nature, and travel. Growing up in a small town in Northern British Columbia, Canada, we were both inspired by the beauty or the worlds wilderness. With the great Canadian outdoors as our backyard, we started taking photographs. For us photography turned from a hobby into a passion, and we decided to take it to a more serious level. Our photography takes an in depth view into the worlds natural beauty. In our photographs we show the raw natural landscape without disrupting the environment. Our wildlife images demonstrate the complex ecosystems on earth. We capture the candid emotions and actions of wildlife without unsettling their habitat. Patience is a large part of our photography, we ensure we are getting the most natural and undisrupted image possible. Our goal with our images is to transport people away from their busy everyday lives, we want people to appreciate the natural beauty of our world and have them realise how important it is to protect the wildlife, nature, and places that makes it so spectacular. Photo Trekkers is committed to portraying both the awe-inspiring and devastating events that occur on our planet. We are devoted to respecting the environment and habitat of every location or animal we photograph.

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